Flat Rate - Residential Locksmith Las Vegas

Are you a home owner in Las Vegas? Are you looking for professional residential locksmith services in the city of Las Vegas? Locksmiths play an important role in our life today. We understand and know that it can be traumatizing experience getting locked out of your home and can get worse when after working the entire day in office and then walking to your home, you realize that your home keys are missing. Being a reliable name in the city of Las Vegas, we are the best residential locksmith Las Vegas that is always ready to assist all our customers in the city.

As a major service provider in Las Vegas, our main objective is to make sure that we are able to provide turnkey solutions to the diverse needs of our customers in Las Vegas and adjacent cities. We have a vast experience, and therefore, understand your requirements.

At all times, our company has a good number of locksmiths out on the field to assist you in ensuring the security of your residential spaces. The services provided by us for our residential customers are exhaustive and therefore, for all their needs, they can just call in the time of need.

We have dedicated customer care to tackle your residential locksmith Las Vegas needs.  We try to resolve a lock and key issues while talking with you and if that doesn’t work, we dispatch a locksmith. Our locksmiths are certified and trained on all aspects of the locks and understand the nuances of the internal mechanisms. This is what helps us stay ahead.

 Residential Locksmith in Las Vegas has innumerable customers that keep coming to us for another reason. The reason of having return customers is that our prices are extremely competitive and we never overcharge the customers for any of our services. With us the customers are sure that they will not have to pay a lot when they get a work done from us.

The services offered by the residential locksmith Las Vegas include the following:


  • Garage door locks
  • Main gate lock
  • Fences, cabinet locks
  • Making master key for your homes
  • Fire and burglar alarms
  • Installation and maintenance of deadbolts, cam locks and cylinder locks
  • Intercom and buzzer systems
  • Patio and sliding door locks
  • Mailbox lock
  • Replace keys


You can understand our efficiency from the fact that we always arrive on time when you need our services. We listen patiently to all your problems and requirements and work to find the root cause of the problem. This helps us in eliminating the problem properly. After examining the problem, we quickly suggest the possible solutions and offer free quotes on the services.  After receiving your consent, we start with the work and stop only when the work is accomplished. We offer our quality services not just in Las Vegas but in the surrounding cities to ensure that nobody is bereft of professional residential locksmith in Las Vegas services.

We have motorcycles and vans that are equipped with host of tools and spare parts to ensure that when we leave your locks and keys are repaired or replaced. Though we try to fix your issues the same day but if there are any parts that are not available, we can source it by the next day. Quick intervention when the lock issue starts ensures that your locks are saved in time. Another aspect of our service is subscribing to low-cost, annual maintenance program where locksmiths visit your home and check locks and security systems periodically. It eliminates the need for emergency services. Know more about it today. Call us now.